Sunday, 27 June 2010

Great news.....

.....  I have been invited back to the Saltaire Arts Trail this year.    I feel really honoured as it was a selected artists only event this time.  The Artstrail is facing an exciting period of change.  In 2011 it will move from its slot in September where it has always been an integral part of the main Saltaire Festival to its own distinct slot in May as a stand alone Open Studios event. 
So this year as part of the Saltaire Festival the Artstrail will be a smaller event with only 11 houses opening.  The organisers have selected the artists that will be featured in the houses and I am really pleased to have been invited back to 6 Harold Place together with some fellow artists from previous years and some new and exciting ones too.  I hope you can make it down to see us and our work in the glorious setting of 6HP which Paula Dunn and her partner Nick have very generously agreed to open again this year.

As a taster check out the 6HP website where there are more images from previous events. 

More news to follow shortly......September is going to be a busy month!

Sunday, 13 June 2010


.....I met up with the wonderful ladies from our Reveal Group.  We are slowly working towards our next exhibition which I shall post more about once we have a confirmed date.  In the meatime we had agreed to work on a book exchange where we would each choose and work in a book and then swop the books round each time we meet.  Unfortunately my choice of book and the work I had done in it were not something I was particularly proud of.  I felt that I didn't really connect or feel motivated to work in the book I had chosen.  Luckily a few of us felt reluctant to pass on our books at the last meeting so I had a reprieve and after months searching second hand bookshops for just the right book......I have found it.......right under my nose on one of our bookshelves.  It has been quietly waiting for years for me to just pick it up.  It's fab and I can't wait to start working in it.  I shall share a few pages once I have got going but here are some images of some of its pages before I start work in it.  It's going to be hard to do them justice!  

These pages remind me of some of my early textile work. I'm really looking forward to how they will inspire future work!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Up and running......

.....the Knit Happens exhibition is now open in Scarborough as part of the North Yorkshire Open Studios event.  Three of my pieces are there including this one....

(can't post images for some reason ...will try and add later....success at last!  I hate posting without an image)

The exhibition is on throughout most of June (not weekends).  For details check out the links in the post below.  The Open Studios are running over 2 weekends 11th - 13th June and 19th - 20th June throughout North Yorkshire and are well worth a visit too.
I've also heard this weekend that I shall be exhibiting/demonstrating at the Creative Stitches event run by ICHF in Glasgow next year..... a great opportunity and a chance to check out all the Charles Rennie Mackintosh sites.  I'm already thoroughly looking forward to it.  I've also been invited to give a few more talks to various Embroidery Guilds details of which I shall post on my website shortly.  Perhaps even a summer school but more of that another day.
There is so much to visit these next few months around Yorkshire I only hope I can fit it all in!  This Sunday - 6th June - and next - the 13th - is the Holmfirth Art Market.  My jewellery teacher, Julie Seaman, is there the 2nd weekend.  The flyer for the market is very inspiring so that's a definite on the calender.
The Hebden Bridge Open studios are on 2nd - 4th July and another must see.
I would also really like to see the New Designers textiles, ceramics and jewellery degree shows event 1st to 4th July too but that one's down in London so not so easy to get to.  
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