Saturday, 20 February 2010

Oops another gap......

.....without posting.  Oh dear!  The day job has taken over (not complaining...just a fact) and there has been so little time to add to this space but voila a quick snapshot list of what's been occurring.....
1 A wonderful day with the Reveal group, hearing what everyone has been doing and co-ordinating our plans to seek out exhibition space.  I am really appreciative of being part of this great group which came out of the advanced textile course we all did at Bankfield Museum with Hilary Bower over a year ago now.  Thank you ladies for all your support, enthusiasm and energetic commitment to our group.  Rumour has it we may have secured an exhibition opportunity......more about that another day.  The image supporting this post is a shot of Hilary opening our exhibition at Bankfield in 2008.

2. An expression of interest from a body that promotes art in public places.......though not sure whether this will get off the ground as since my reply its all gone strangely quiet.  Does that happen to you sometimes? 
3. Several requests to give talks and workshops to various Embroiderer's Guilds in 2010/2011 and even 2012!.....which is all very exciting.
4.  The possibility of a demonstrator spot at one of the Creative Stitches events next year....thinking very seriously about that one.
5.  On a more personal level I've been doing a jewellery workshop with Julie Seaman who is a fabulous tutor.  It has been great fun and I'm learning a lot of new techniques.  So many things I want to do......just need 48 hours in every day!  Next month I am down to do a workshop with Fiona Rutherford.  More about that later. 
6.  Finished working on the pieces for Fabricate 10.  Just the paperwork and packaging and posting outstanding least favourite bit I have to admit. 

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Oh dear ....................

.....the title of the last post seems very apt for this blog as a whole recently!!
A very, very slow start to the blog indeed.  I shall try and be a little more active here in future.

The Society of Designer Craftmen Show at the Mall went very well this year.  It was great to meet up with designers familiar and new.  I had to miss the opening night which was a great shame but apparently it was a successful and lively evening and show as a whole.

It is full on now making work for the Fabricate Show in Australia in April.  I am working on a couple of smaller butterfly hangings and will send a couple of portrait pieces.   
I recently had a butterfly piece shadow framed......

.....but it is really difficult to get a good photo of it that shows the cast shadows.  One of these days I shall be able to afford a professional photoshoot!

I've also finished a couple of new framed faces and had them framed in the same way.  Sorry again for the poor quality photo. 

I use a local framer - Northedge Gallery - and they always do a fantastic job.  They have a good (if small) print gallery with an excellent selection of limited and open edition prints.  I always come away with a few cards to add to my stash.
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