Wednesday, 21 October 2009

A fresh start ...

with a new blog.  

For some while I have been anxious about my existing blog.  I feel it is too diverse and has lost its focus.  I am going to keep it and keep adding to it with photos and sketches and flickr links BUT this new blog is going to be the home for all my textile related news and views and first port of call for anyone interested in my textile art.  Essentially a dedicated record of my progress as textile artist.
For all that has gone before please check out my other blog.......and to all textile enthusiasts who read on,  don't forget to say hello - your comments are always welcome!


  1. good luck with the new blog! I hope it works well for you. Karen

  2. Kerry, it was great to meet you at the Knit & Stitch and your stand was amazing, full impact from a far! Nice to meet a former Bradford College student and to see how well you are doing. CarolAnn (Bradford college!)

  3. Hello was good to meet a fellow Bradford College student too. Thanks for you comments about the stand and good luck with your final studies!


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