Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Nudge, nudge..... there anyone out there??  If so and you are interested in art and craft and are in the Sheffield area or within travelling distance this weekend, I and a group of members of the Hallam Group of the Society of Designer Craftsmen (well all women actually) will be proudly showing our work at the Art in the Gardens.  The weather man promises it is going to be a sunny weekend so a trip to the Botanical Gardens where it is all happening on Saturday or Sunday should not be missed.  I hope to be there at the opening on Friday night and during Sunday.  I shall be demonstrating my knitting technique and all are welcome.  Do mention this blog post if you see me there!  I am really intrigued to know whether it is read by anyone! 

Look forward to seeing you there!


  1. Hi Kerry, you can check your stats on blogger to see if people are reading your site - click on the tab that says stats and you can see your traffic. See you on Friday.

  2. Hi Fiona...thanks I hadn't realised
    It was very exciting to see a comment!
    See you later today!


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