Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Getting completely lost...... Sheffield is not a good way to spend a Sunday morning!  I did eventually find Sue Lancaster's fabulous studio (so much space and light!) but was almost an hour late for my meeting with the Hallam Branch of the Society of Designer Craftmen (or should that be women?). 
It was good to meet everyone and we had a very productive meeting planning our inaugral exhibition at Art in the Gardens in Sheffield Botanical Gardens on the first weekend in September later this year.   The need to crack on and make new work is now really pressing but this is the only way I ever get round to doing any.  Regrettably I am not one of those people that plan and work methodically and have everything ready in time.  I need a looming deadline.  Trouble is I now have several.  So I have booked a day off work next week and intend to spend the whole day drawing.  So hopefully next week I should have some images to post.   In the meantime - here is one I did earlier!
He looks a little cross-eyed I think!

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